With the help from Valve we can now launch Roots directly, so we don’t need to go through Greenlight first. More info soon!



Hope to meet some fans (rusties?) at the Tokyo Game Show! We’re at the Holland Pavillion Hall 8, booth C­03. We already had some fans playing Roots! Hope you drop by if you’re in Tokyo.


As mentioned before Roots will be a premium game again. After 2 free games: Cube Escape: Birthday and Theatre we wanted to work on a bigger project again, similar to Rusty Lake Hotel. Now 5 months later we can finally say Rusty Lake: Roots is in its last stage of development. Currently we’re doing the final polish, such as texts and gameplay improvements. Also there is still lot of testing that needs to be done…

We decided that the price tag of Rusty Lake: Roots  will be 2,99 €/$!
We know the expectations are very high for this new rusty lake game, so after all the months we put it into it we just know that it will be worth the money. Also considering the length of the game is a lot bigger than Rusty Lake Hotel. It not only contains more levels, but it also has more difficult puzzles and achievements. We think this is the right price for the product and we hope you will enjoy it a lot!

For those who ask why this game isn’t free.. please keep in mind that by going premium with Rusty Lake Hotel we have been able to work on Rusty Lake projects full time, we are a two man team and we don’t want to fill our games with ads or iaps, we just want to make awesome stuff for you guys.. And that will be a mix between free (e.g. the next Cube Escape) and premium games. By buying our premium content we can keep doing what we do and even more.

Thanks to all who keep supporting us during this (hard) development process. We’re looking forward to the launch! There is still no official date yet, since that depends on many factors.. we hope it will be in 4 weeks.

Feel free to share you thoughts :)

Ps. currently one of us is now in Japan for the Tokyo Game Show. Follow Rusty Lake on Instagram for a daily story!


We’re totally blown away by a tattoo of (me) Harvey.. Never expected this when we started. Hope to meet you someday Cassie, we’re so honored! Awesome tattoo by Mez Love Tattoos.

Let us know what you think!

Yesterday we had a full day of testing at the Dutch Game Garden networking Lunch in Utrecht. We had quite a lot players for Rusty Lake: Roots. Unfortunately (is it?) most of the testers reached only about 20% of the content, so we expect more than 5 hours of gameplay (without achievements)!


Next week Rusty Lake will attend Tokyo Game Show! We will be showcasing our games at the Holland Pavillion. There is an exclusive preview and gift available at our booth! Fans are more than welcome!

Also let us know if you would like to schedule a business meeting: you can e-mail us at info@rustylake.com.

Ok we now stop teasing you for a while :) Still a lot of work to do!

Time to celebrate! Cube Escape: Birthday is the first in the series that hits one million downloads on Google Play.

Another sneak peak of our upcoming project Rusty Lake: Roots
It’s all about family…


Stay tuned! Our goal is to finish the game in the next 4 weeks :)

Rusty Lake: Roots will be the name of the next game! Let us know what you think :)


We had this postcard specially made for Gamescom last week. The conference was biggest gaming event we ever been to and it blew our minds (hope you had a chance to check out our daily story on Instagram!). Besides meeting a lot of people from the industry, press and even some fans.. it was the perfect oppurtunity for us to let people playtest the first 10 levels of Rusty Lake: Roots. We collect very useful feedback which will be processed in the coming weeks. Hopefully till next year (maybe enterainment area? Who knows :)).


On another note.. we’re very proud to be in 2 magazines this month (Control500 and Canard PC *23):

article-control article-canardpc

The next 4 weeks we will pull out all the stops for Rusty Lake: Roots!

Hi Guys!

It’s been awhile since the last update. Sorry for waiting so long and teasing you with gifs of the new project! Today we got the game finally working on Ipad and we’re super excited about this. It runs perfect :)


As we mentioned before, this new game is our most ambitious project so far.. and the moment that we got everything together took a bit longer than expected. The narrative is about a family tree and you can imagine it gave us the opportunity to think of a lot of (crazy) ideas. We’re talking about a 35+ (some smaller and some bigger) levels game with replay value. Our main focus now is getting the game done, so we’re testing, adding the details, achievements and fixing some puzzles.. anyway the end is in sight.

We really hope to launch the game somewhere in end of September on Android, iOS and Itch.io. And of course hope to get Greenlit again on Steam :).
The game will be premium, like Rusty Lake Hotel, we haven’t decided the exact pricing yet.

We got a lot of questions when the new Cube Escape game will be launched.. We don’t know yet, but after this project, we will work on (free) smaller games again and completing the Cube Escape series!

And don’t forget to check out the full video of Johan Scherft working on the pastel painting of Rusty Lake. Check it out!


Rusty Lake is attending Gamescom, Cologne next week! We will be showcasing our games at the Holland Pavillion, Hal 3.2, booth D-018, C-019. Since we are in the B2B area we hope to meet publishers for the Asian market (China, Korea and Japan). We’re also looking for press coverage for our upcoming premium game. There is an exclusive preview and gift available at our booth!

Let us know if you would like to schedule a meeting: you can e-mail us at info@rustylake.com.
And fans who are attending the show.. feel free to drop us a line so we can meet as well :)

It’s coming…