One year ago we set out a contest to think about an original puzzle for Case 23. The winner was PurpleLogic with a doll in Rusty Lake style. If you ever have an original idea for an object/puzzle in a Rusty Lake game let us know and we will try to reward it if we use it in our new game. #throwbackthursday


Rusty Lake: Roots is all about family… and you probably have a family member which isn’t fan of Rusty Lake yet. Show us your roots with this family member by tagging them on Social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) in the comments. You can also let your family member subscribe to our mailing list and let us know in the comments below if you did.

If you already have the game yourself, you can give it away to your family member. The contest runs till December 5th, we giveaway 50 copies:)

We got a lot of amazing fanart of Mr. Crow this month! He will play an important role again in the next Cube Escape :)

Check them out! Continue reading


First of all we would like to thank you for all the support, we’re very grateful to anyone who bought Roots since its release last month. Because of this support we can continue on working new Rusty Lake projects. As mentioned before we are already working on a new free Cube Escape. Furthermore we want to launch a new layout for within a month (hopefully with merchandising). Also a background story on the development of Roots will be published soon.

If you enjoyed the game, maybe you would like to help us making Roots more popular :) Please don’t feel obligated since you already bought the game and that means a lot to us. But if you’re willing it will be great if you can support us with any of the following:

– Post a rating or write a review in the store, this would be great!
– Invite your friends to play this game. If they’re not familiar with Rusty Lake, maybe they can try Cube Escape series first.
– Post something (like a screenshot or fan art) of the game on your favorite forum, chat or social media.
– Suggest the game to your favorite Youtuber/Twitcher. We tried to reach them thousands of times but maybe with your help we can get their attention.
– You can always reach out to us for cool ideas!

Thank you Rusties!

Ps. In the upcoming weeks we will hold a contest to win a free copy of Roots.


Together with this beautiful Cube Escape artwork by, we thought it’s the perfect moment to announce that we’re working on a new Cube Escape installment. Stay tuned for the first update!!


Happy Halloween Rusties!! Let us know if you have something with a Rusty Lake theme :)

This week we will attend Casual Connect, Tel Aviv again. Really looking forward to showcase Rusty Lake: Roots there. Let us know if you would like to meet us

Victor Butzelaar has done a perfect job with his immersive soundtrack for Rusty Lake: Roots. Each level has its own theme song and variations creating the best atmosphere possible. Buy or listen to it now on Bandcamp!

Yes we made it!! We managed to launch Rusty Lake: Roots on 4 platforms within 24 hours and that’s quite a milestone for the two of us. Although it was one of the most stressful days of this year, we feel so lucky with so many enthusiastic fans waiting and supporting us. It brings us to the edge, working through day and night to get this done and trying to fix everything to bring you the best version possible.

Now we can bring you a full list of platforms were you can buy a trip to this undiscovered part in the Rusty Lake universe:
Available for $ 2,99 / € 2,99!

We still got things to do as mentioned in the previous post (fixing translations and glitches) but let’s be positive now :) After six months of work we just can’t wait to read your experiences and see how Rusty Lake: Roots will do in overall! Today we saw the first Twitcher playing (actually I’m watching now, thanks MKtheWorst!), hopefully we get some press attention and Youtube let’s plays too!

In this part we want to give a big thank you word to all you guys supporting us these last couple of months! First of all to Johan Scherft, his incredible pastel painting of our world brings another level to the game, we can’t wait to sell the posters. To all the translators and beta testers (friends) who helped us the last couple of weeks. A special thanks to Victor Butzelaar, we can’t imagine a Rusty Lake game without his Music. Behind the scenes we got so much help from Bob Rafferty who made all the walkthrough, trailers and you probably heard his awesome voice(s) already in the game. We also want to mention Ruben Aldenhoven, he is responsible for all the content on, and because of his work a lot of people can enjoy games on our portal… and fun to mention he was the first beta tester of Roots!

For everyone who already finished.. wow amazing job! We will start working on a new Cube Escape next week, so there is light again! Next week we will also write a background story on the development Rusty Lake: Roots, so you can see the whole process of the game.

Ok! It’s bed time now :)

Ps. Any review/rating for the game will help and don’t forget Rusty Lake Hotel is on Sale :)
Ps2. We have updated the iOS, Android and Desktop versions of Rusty Lake: Roots with some fixes for The Clock and The War Hero. Remember you can now reset just 1 level too in settings. Feel free to update your rating


Hi Guys here’s an update on the launch, because we have some good and bad news. We currently have 3 versions ready in the stores:

(Available for 2,99 €/$)

We worked all night to get the versions ready for you, finishing some last translations and walkthroughs. This morning when we published the game on Steam and Android we got really quick feedback on one of the levels: “The Staircase”, where people are encountering a black screen causing them to reset the game. We got this fixed right away so Steam and Android users can download an update (if you buy it now it’s fixed, so no worries). Unfortunately we had to cancel the iOS version because of this…. You can understand we’re very disappointed after testing the game thousands of times (literally). Anyway the only thing we can do now is waiting for Apple to review the update, we did a special bug review request, so hopefully the update gets approved within 24 hours.. of course we will let you know right away if we know more!

For all players who experience a small glitch, please try the Reset level option in settings first. If you experience any trouble you can try again. If the reset doesn’t work, let us know (by PM or so we can fix the glitch in an update!

The translations are still in beta, our translators have worked really hard on getting the translations done (without that many context). Please give them a few days to make the right fixes :)

To all the postcard contest winners, you’ll receive an email during the day!

And last but not least, to celebrate the launch Rusty Lake Hotel is available for just 0,99 €/$ on Android, iOS (hope this eases the pain a little) and! The Steam version will be on Sale during Halloween.

We will keep you updated on the launch here on our blog and on social media! Enjoy the game Rusties :)