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Creators of the praised Cube Escape series and the premium point-and-click adventures Rusty Lake Hotel and award-winning Rusty Lake: Roots.

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Welcome to Rusty Lake, a surreal place where anything can happen. We offer you the most mysterious game series you'll ever play.

Why not try out our praised Cube Escape series first? Let the cubes guide you the eerie and atmospheric point-and-click adventures with an "escape room" feeling. Currently we have ten Cube Escape games taking place in the Rusty Lake universe. Cube Escape: Paradox is our latest installment which is combined with a short film! Download them for ten on iOS, Android or play on Desktop.

Next to our Cube Escape series we created three premium adventure games with unique story lines taking place in Rusty Lake as well. Serve deadly dinners to five animal-headed guests in Rusty Lake Hotel, expand the bloodline of the Vanderbooms in our award-winning adventure Rusty Lake: Roots or stop the ten plagues on a small island in Rusty Lake Paradise.

On the right, you can find a list of all our games sorted by release date.

On our game portal you can play our free games but also find other adventure, room escape and puzzle games. We selected games with a fascinating story, ambiance or unique game-play made by more forward-looking developers.

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We wish you a pleasant stay in Rusty Lake!

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  • AwardIndie Prize, Best Narrative Award β€˜16
  • AwardTop 10 Google Play Indie Games Contest β€˜17
  • AwardPremiere Paradox - A Rusty Lake Film @ LIFF '18
  • Award"Most Inventive" App nomination Google Play Awards β€˜18
  • AwardFinalist Google Play Indie Games Contest β€˜20

πŸ¦‹ The Past Within is OUT NOW! 🐝

πŸ¦‹ The Past Within is OUT NOW! 🐝

Our co-op adventure is available on:

🍎 App Store:

πŸ€– Google Play:

βš™οΈ Steam:

πŸ„ Nintendo Switch:

🧩 GOG:

🦐 Itchio:

The Past Within is the new co-op experience from Rusty Lake! Play together with someone you deem trustworthy: one in The Past, the other in The Future. Observe and communicate what you see around you. Solve the puzzles and uncover Albert Vanderboom’s plan.

The Past Within is a co-op-only game. Both players will need a copy of the game and a way to communicate with each other. Play together with a friend, or find a partner on our official Discord:

We are beyond excited to finally share The Past Within, our new exciting co-op experience, with all of you!

The development of the game has been an amazing journey of over 2,5 years that lead us to this point. It all started with a simple shoe box idea that turned out to become quite the unique co-op experience which – in our opinion – is the closest we’ve ever gotten to creating a real-life escape room! 

We are incredibly proud that we made it through all the hurdles and can finally share this unique co-op experience with you all. Many of you are probably already familiar with our devlogs where we shared the struggles we had to overcome for this project to come to life: our first 3D project, switching from Flash to Unity, and above all creating our first co-op puzzle game!

And we couldn’t have done it without the incredible team behind this project. For The Past Within we had to grow our very small team to more than 20 people that have been working relentlessly behind the scenes. All of those people are listed in our credits, so please take a moment to appreciate all of them after finishing the game. In particular, we want to thank our core development team Luuk Waarbroek & Martijn van Buul for their amazing effort in overcoming all the struggles we faced along the way. Our 3D artist Bart Wiltenburg and 2D artist Maarten Pelders both of whom masterfully helped transform our distinctive 2D style into 3D. The soundtrack of the game unsurprisingly turned out to be once again a masterpiece under Victor’s capable hands, despite all the difficulties of co-op. And wow can we talk about the sound design from Jorick & Gilliam of Driftwood audio, their work elevated this project to new heights beyond everything we could have hoped for. Bob Rafferty jumped in to give a voice to Albert, and he once again did a terrific job for such an important character of the series!

From our community Manager Andreea to our Q&A team Ruben & Bart, all the amazing help from our brilliant translators that brought this experience to more than 20 languages (more to come!), our beloved Discord mods and of course the hundreds of beta testing couples – thank you all so much for all your hard work and effort!

Most of all, we want to thank all of you for your ongoing support! It’s been quite a while since we’ve released anything new, and The Past Within is definitely something new and different compared to anything we’ve made so far! And while we understand it won’t be for everyone in our community, we hope that, over time, you can give it a try with someone you think will enjoy sharing this experience with you! And to everyone who is excited to play: Are you ⬛#TeamPast or 🟨#TeamFuture?

Together, let’s make some memories! πŸ™

Robin & Maarten


A mysterious broadcast might come up again, make sure to keep an eye out!

– We really appreciate your feedback, feel free to leave a review/rating in the stores – this will help a lot!
– Any bugs/glitches? Please let us know on Discord or at
– All our premium games are on 50% sale on all platforms!

5 responses to “πŸ¦‹ The Past Within is OUT NOW! 🐝”

  1. Wans says:

    I need Android version, please put it on Google Store! ! ! ! ! !

  2. Liu Yuze says:

    Greetings from China! I am a high school student. I have played all your games at least three times. Thank you for bringing me the eerie and surrealistic lake.
    I really hope to visit your studio one day in the future. (Or maybe you could send me some photos?)
    Hope you can do better!
    p.s.(Please don’t care about possible grammatical mistakes)

  3. JeremiahVI says:

    Waiting for the Nintendo Switch version! πŸ™‚

  4. Mirage says:

    When will the Nintendo switch version be released 😭

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