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Next to our Cube Escape series we created three premium adventure games with unique story lines taking place in Rusty Lake as well. Serve deadly dinners to five animal-headed guests in Rusty Lake Hotel, expand the bloodline of the Vanderbooms in our award-winning adventure Rusty Lake: Roots or stop the ten plagues on a small island in Rusty Lake Paradise.

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  • AwardTop 10 Google Play Indie Games Contest ‘17
  • AwardPremiere Paradox - A Rusty Lake Film @ LIFF '18
  • Award"Most Inventive" App nomination Google Play Awards ‘18
  • AwardFinalist Google Play Indie Games Contest ‘20

Your idea in our new game!

Your idea in our new game!

Do you have a unique idea for a pre-18th century item which we can use in our new game? If your idea will be added to the game you will win a Rusty Lake Poster and you can be a beta tester! Let us know just write a comment or send us an e-mail (
Ps. maybe it helps if you know it takes place on an island.

Thanks for sharing your ideas! We didn’t expect that amount of rare and unique items 🙂 some of them are already used so that is a good sign! We will contact the winner(s) in the upcoming weeks!

101 responses to “Your idea in our new game!”

  1. Zoe Sokey says:

    Perhaps some sort of puzzle involving embroidery on a sampler? It’s less practical, but I also love this design for a manual dredging device.

  2. Anny says:

    How about a Nautilus Cup.
    They are super pretty and would fit into the Rusty Lake aesthetic.
    By the way I love all of the Games and can’t wait for the new one.

  3. Esteban says:

    An 18th century corset, a pre 18th century flat earth map, an inkwell. Also in the pre 18th century the church was also like the boss of everything so maybe a missionary robe with some kind of bible or other book?

  4. Rosa says:

    A globe!

  5. Kim says:

    I love your games! Here are some possibilities:

    * What about a kitchen salamander?
    * Another one that could be fun would be a bobbin lace pillow and bobbins.
    * A memento mori skull medallion:
    * An incense clock
    * a portable sundial
    * Leeuwenhoek microscope

  6. Erin Whaling says:

    You could do some nifty things with beeswax candles, cauldrons or a spinning wheel or loom. I like the idea of involving honey bees or creating some sort of tapestry.

  7. 123 says:

    What about a tiny locket with a picture inside. They are so cute, or an old bottle post in the water with a message. Love all your games 🙂

  8. Giordano says:

    I was thinking about two ideas:
    -porcelain animals, used as objects.
    -an old gun with in the metal part a bear face (also in metal)

    My first idea is a porcelain sheep in the grass with flowers and stuff, really grotesque, with golden clogs and a golden candelabrum coming out from the animal back.
    some exemples

    second idea, old gun with in the iron part a small animal head.

    Love the game, can t wait for the new one.

  9. Loic Antoine-Gombeaud says:


    How about a guillotine? Not sure if it fits with the island though, it’s not exactly a very portable object…
    Anyway, I’m very much looking forward to this next game 🙂


  10. Merlissa says:

    Mijn idee is omdat bet op een eiland afspeeld een personage toe tevoegen van iemand die al jaren op hrt eiland woont en dat dat een vergeten of een vermiste familie lid blijkt te zijn van Rusty Lake familie. Het kan een vrouw zijn of een man of allebei. En dat dan met hen veel gebuurt.

  11. Patrick Jacquemont says:

    Your games are amazing.
    Here are some ideas of 17-18th century intems :
    -Leibniz’s calculating machine
    -Huygens’ pocket watch
    -One of the first diving suits:–uYeM4xbH–/c_fit,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/18zb32qwyvsw9jpg.jpg
    -Da Vinci’s flying machine
    -An armillary shpere
    -An astrolabe
    -An hourglass

  12. Carol Yao says:

    Because I’m one of your fans from China, I would like to recommend some items that were popular in China and had a wide spread to Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. Silk an de tea were the two things I came up in the first place. But later on I thought of “Regni Chinensis Descriptio”, a diary of a man who traveled to China that composes a lot of idea of religion and morals.

  13. Roberto says:

    Backgammon! You can pick a rustic design to make it interesting and I can see a puzzle or two going on over that board. You can even make some sort of table top wood box like. Add a lock, hide something inside and, once opened, have two boards, outside and inside (some sort of chess or even draughts/checkers). Game pieces to be found around the room. Box designs to give hints about… something :p

    “The past is never dead. It is not even past.”

  14. Renessa jones says:

    I love these games so much and the aesthetic
    how about a deer stalker hat like Sherlock homles’ ? or a mortar full of spice or poison~?

  15. Hanzz Strewer says:

    Definitely a MARINER’S ASTROLABE !!!

  16. Anne S. says:

    Use of Morse Code?Or the blinking lights used in ships and using the morse code to communicate? Although it is created in the late 1800s, this one kinda fits the island theme.

    Or maybe a Philippine Agimat (amulet)? It is believed that a person wearing an agimat can survive any kind of death.

  17. Though not pre 1800 I would love to see a puzzle around the theremin (1920)

    Other ideas are: Lightning rod, Sextant, Telegraph, Parachute

  18. 123 says:

    What about a 18th century ballerina box with a dancing ballerina, and a cute melody?:-D Or a poison ring. They are cool and pretty at the same time.

  19. Loic Antoine-Gombeaud says:

    A couple more ideas:
    – a sextant ->
    – an astrolabe, ancestor of the sextant, and a beautiful object to boot ->

  20. Romana Faltýnková says:

    Well, if it takes place on an island maybe human-powered submarine? Or maybe cuckoo clocks? They are funny and could… ehm… hide some secret inside them?
    I wish you luck, I hope the new game will be out soon.

  21. Tessa says:

    Love your games!!

    How about:
    – powdered wigs (“pruikentijd”)
    – book by Goethe
    – Gulliver’s travels book

  22. Phyllis jones says:

    How about a catapult!

  23. Andy Stevenson says:

    What about the antikythera mechanism. Maybe it’s true use is finally revealed.

  24. hpcmpss says:

    Hello! I really love all games from Rusty Lake for its individual atmosphere and original puzzles!
    And I want to see more and more strange and bloodthirsty things 😀
    If it’s island, there are crabs there. Player take one crab to baggage. Then he see corpse. He use crab’s claw to rip one’s belly. Maybe player take key from stomach, maybe he take heart or other corpse’s part to use it later. Maybe, to open some door, you need to insert heart or kidney there. (By the way, I think you could play with the meaning of words “kidney” and “bud”, and make a corpse with plant buds instead of human kidneys.) Maybe corpse’s insides will turn out to be mechanical, like in steampunk, and player take some cogwheel. Or, maybe, player will have to place the organs (or cogwheels) in corpse’s body in a certain order to receive some important object.
    In general, it would be great if someone from the characters speake in riddles, which will be useful for solving puzzles. But that it would be not immediately clear. For example, as an inscription on the gates of the gnomes in “The Lord of the Rings” – “say, friend, and enter.”
    I hope, you understand me.
    Probably my idea doesn’t apply to the task (or it’s just frankly delusional), but… why not?

  25. champi says:

    I have few ideas:
    – a scissor shaped snuffer
    – an iron maiden (torture device)
    – a thurible

  26. Rosa says:

    A doll.
    A water clock.
    A mortar and pestle.

  27. Rosa says:

    And I love your games. I can’t wait until the next one is released.

  28. Rosa says:

    A bow and arrow, maybe.

  29. Miramise says:

    What about a posnet skillet? It’s a pot with a long handle and three legs. Some have short legs and were probably used on a wood-burning stovetop or something, while others had tall legs and look like they’d sit directly over a small fire. I read they were used for both cooking and melting lead for bullets, depending on the material/leg height I imagine.

  30. Rachel says:

    1.Tinted glass windows from a church.
    2. A hand-fan.
    3. A dress you could take apart and collect each part like the hoopskirt, the underpants, the corset etc.
    4. A extravagant wig.
    5. A old camera.
    6.Philosophers book.

  31. Jand says:

    So from the 1600’s? Hmmph.

    A… Cukoo Clock?

  32. Sarah Sloane says:

    How about a hand-made medieval fish trap? It’s a conical basket and made from reeds in two parts: an outer and inner basket. It needs to be weighted with rocks to stay in place. So you could play with 1. assembly (fitting the inner basket into the outer), 2) baiting, and 3) weighting with rocks (or it will float away). Lots of cultures use these in various configurations. It works like a lobster trap. Fish can swim in, but can’t find their way out.
    Here’s a photo fo a native American version:

  33. Michael says:

    A printing press as developed by Guttenberg.

  34. Katie says:

    Perhaps a sextant? Or a stilleto dagger with a carving of a stag or aborigine design native to the island?

  35. Jolene says:

    an apothecary or apothecary’s shoppe, chest, shelf,glass jars and bottles filled with fresh and dried herbs for making herbal remedies and medicines. A bell jar with a decorative clock or taxidermied insects (like the stag beetle in Hotel), rodents, or birds on display inside.

  36. L. says:

    Um, I’m listening to a song that sounds like it came from a music box, so that was the first thing that came to mind. A lot of other users said a sextant, and I think that’s a great idea too.

  37. Kim says:

    More ideas!

    * A Galileo Thermometer (
    * Light from sugar using sugar nips, or any other means of producing mechanoluminescence or triboluminscence. Here’s an example with a rattle that uses Quartz and flashes in the dark: Sir Francis Bacon is credited with the first written record of producing light by scraping or crushing sugar.
    * the slide rule (invented 1620s)

  38. Anny says:

    or something out of “A Midsommer Nigt’s Dream”
    it was written around 1595

  39. Jeffrey Jabs says:

    I don’t know long before the 1700s you’re looking for, but an astrolabe would be pretty cool and in keeping with the island setting (used for navigation).
    You could also try a rejuvenated Antikythera mechanism. The first computer, it was discovered from a shipwreck on an island (!!!!!). Yeah, you know that would be really cool.
    And if this is a really classy, exotic island, you could even have a hookah thrown somewhere in the mix.
    Or a book on alchemy because, you know, alchemy is always pretty cool.

  40. Rangaz says:

    What about some totems scattered through the island so you find all and a blue cube appears in the centre, to put it somewhere and do stuff in the past. Or a place where you can dig and find a switch so a corrupted soul appears and you need something to fight with him. Looking forward for the game!!

  41. Angela Hadley says:

    The island theme got us thinking about pirates during the 17th century- so items like a cutlass, a flintlock firearm. Trade in cotton, sugar, tobacco was huge in the Caribbean Island nations during the 1600’s. The Spanish empire controlled the seas around the 17th century and had outposts across the globe where they set up missions, so religious imagery would be appropriate. Especially referances to the Baroque style art of the time- which could get very “gory” but beautiful all at once (much like Rusty Lake) Ornate glass beads from around the world were used in trading and burial rituals. My 10 year old son and I spend hours playing and replaying every one of your games (he says his favorite is the Samsara room- I agree)

  42. Paul says:

    The astrolabe has been mentioned. I’d go for an historical (mariner’s) compass. It involves adventure, mysticism, and science. And it is related to the mysterious island Rupes Nigra, the obvious origin of the black and, at its core, other cubes in the Rusty Lake games.

  43. Ben says:

    A hoop and stick, simple yet symbolic. Could have hoop rolling Or something like ‘Game of Graces’.

  44. Joy says:

    I’m thinking
    – sundial
    – abacus
    – cross stitch
    – sewing machine
    – pottery
    – chessboard


  45. Rustian #1 says:

    PEG SOLITAIRE! It is good old game!

  46. Brandon Bleeker says:

    My idea is that you can have a room that has one puzzle from each cube escape, and rusty lake game. So the hardcore fans will know exactly what they are doing, and the newcomers will have fun with 11 unknown puzzles

  47. madeline s says:

    a tuning fork or a guillotine?

  48. Kim says:

    Jewelled Aztec masks. Creepy as hell but so interesting!

  49. Dominik says:

    Here some ideas for interesting pre-18th century stuff:
    – bookwheel (reading wheel)
    – scold’s bridle or shrew’s fiddle

  50. 123 says:

    What about a special glass piece that when you see truough it, you can see strange things you can’t see without it?

  51. Chris says:

    Four aces (cards) each one with the color of a different cube (blue, yellow, white and black)

  52. KoljaD says:

    Some ideas
    -sextant and compass
    -a pocket watch
    -a monocle
    -peasent tools
    -old beer mugs
    -decorated tiles
    And i want to add that i’d love to see Aldous’ wife again (that we know from the mill, in a younger version)
    Looking forward to the new game!

  53. Olivia says:

    a jade burial suit. historic automatons along the line of Al-Jazari’s Floating Orchestra or Da Vinci’s Knight. a Quipus, which were Incan cords with specific knots that functioned like a written language. older forms of makeup or medicines which used unfortunate ingredients like crocodile dung or lead. old tattooing sets. embroidery, but more specialty kinds like goldwork or lace making

  54. Huub says:

    I have a couple ideas:
    – A plague doctor mask. (I think this is the best because of the animals in RL/CE games + it’s creepy)
    – A da Vinci Submarine or ‘flying machine’
    – An old clock, replacing the usual grandfather clock
    – A medieval (sacrificial) dagger
    – A bible-esque book displaying paintings of corrupted souls and/or the anthropomorphic animals
    – A witch weighhouse

  55. Louise Baxter says:

    Copper ship lantern or compass.

  56. Ben says:

    I’m a big fan. Thanks for these great games!
    Here are some random ideas:
    -A book of plant/animal species of the island with old hand-drawn pictures, think dodo bids or giant tortoises
    -A cannon, it would be fun to “make” gunpowder as part of the game
    -A telescope, could incorporate a game/clue revolving around a planet like Saturn rings or an eclipse!
    -A barometer, weather prediction could be part of the game as to decide when to sail, collect water or avoid a hurricane
    -Cave drawings or other evidence from a previous civilization inhabiting the island, reference to tsunami, hurricane or volcano?
    -References to Shakespeare or Cervantes (painting or small figurine)
    -A small musical instrument like a violin, harp, bassoon, ocarina, bagpipes
    -Religious paraphernalia such as a bible, a cross or a rosary
    -Flags of colonial empires of the time or a twisted, deformed map of the world

  57. Rong chen says:

    Guillotine! It has to be guillotine when it comes to pre 18th century creepiness.

  58. Scott Hillary says:

    Some cool puzzle using a PRISM to separate the island sunlight on to some ancient map where the colors hold the clues to special things that you guys are great at dreaming up.

  59. Richard says:

    Hum, maybe this island will be the ruins of ritual palace for black and white cube. The purpose of going to that island maybe to found the key for the next episode, found the truth of black and white cube.

  60. Gretchen says:

    Pandora’s Cushion: a boned out goose, stuffed with a boned out chicken, stuffed with a boned out pheasant, stuffed with a boned out quail, stuffed with quail eggs, containing a key!

  61. Kyra says:

    Flower lanaguge! 😀

    Yellow- Friendship
    White- Purity
    Orange- Hate

  62. Kitsune Udon says:

    Maybe the in one stage the player gets to go down into the catacombs (aka go underground) and finds a red cube,(they have to solve a few puzzles,maybe a pigpen cipher perhaps). But once they touch the cube they get transported back into the past and where they see Mr.Owl and Mr.Crow doing a very peculiar thing(?) and how this game all started and in reality he/she is stuck in a time loop where this will happen over and over again.

  63. Jack says:

    A puzzle could be composed as follows:
    Throughout the course of the game, the player finds various pieces of wood containing a word consisting of various strange symbols. At the end of the game, the player finds a chest with the sea with an object, consisting of five toothed wheels: a larger central with 6 teeth and the other four with five teeth. The player will need to insert the various dots with some symbols that make up the words found in the story. The various symbols will correspond to alphabet letters will be placed on the first two toothed wheels, while the other two will be put in the corresponding symbols. On the central toothed wheel, the player will need to show the game’s keywords, such as RUSTY LAKE, CROW, ISLAND, etc. The player will turn the five wheels by matching the various letters to form several words. Each time the player is able to compose a word, a piece of map will appear that, put together with the others, will lead the player to a cube.Each letter or symbol will obviously be placed on each tooth of the corresponding toothed wheels

  64. Chris says:

    They used to have these super creepy looking puppets back then, all you gotta do is google ‘pre 18th century puppet’ and you’ll see, I feel like they could fit right into the Rusty Lake universe!

  65. In the 18th century the lightning rod was invented, if the location of the next game is on an island the main character could create a lightning rod to create a circuit or electrify an area (could be a small pond and catch the classic fish game)

    If they refer to inventions prior to the 18th century, in the 17th century the reflecting telescope was invented, they could make the main character use the telescope to solve a puzzle with either stars or looking at the moon, but could also use it to search for something Beyond the island (boats or even Rusty Lake)

  66. Rebecca says:

    In the game there could be a photo room (aka: A Red Room) where throughout the areas you take pictures. Only to find hidden secrets in them when you go back to the red room, as a clue or a piece of memory or backstory that goes into the cube search.

  67. Badger McGhee says:

    All the creepy mourning traditions they had in the 17th century would be cool. Like putting teeth and stuff in necklaces and staging photos with dead bodies, even all the seances they had. Also, all their children’s toys were at least mildly unsettling, and the speaking ones they had could be an interesting mechanic.

  68. Kitten says:

    A dollhouse. Also maybe some sort of pre-18 century automaton toy/puzzle. some sort of shogi puzzle or chinese checkers puzzle.

  69. Marie-Ève Trottier says:

    If I remember well, the make up was toxic in the 18th century. Maybe that could be part of a puzzle. Also, maybe a puzzle with the mecanism under the big large hips french dress of that century could be interesting. Sorry for my poor english, it’s not my first language.

  70. Luke McGuire says:

    An old barbers shop when they used to pull teeth and do blood letting. I would also love to see a game set in an old anatomy/medical theater. It could feature graverobbing. I believe this was pretty common in the 18th century. Antiquated medical instruments, cadavers, grave robbers and those creepy old medical theaters would make great themes.

  71. Will says:

    An idea for an oject you could use is a poem written before the 18th century for example “A poison tree” by William Blake. Maybe you could use this poem to hide certain clues such as a word or a combination of words that you would use to unlock something.
    I love all your games and I’m really excited to see the next cube escape game when it comes out.

  72. Evan Stone says:

    What about the flintlock pistol that Grandpa had in Cube escape: Birthday. If not, what about a small Bronze crucifix or something to that extent

  73. Markus Brendon says:

    Well, i thought about a puzzle where you have to find different especies of birds, than discover what kind of fruit those birds like the most, than find in the island in different places where the trees of those fruits are placed in coordinates, and direct the birds toward their respective places, would be cool if those birds and their fruits taste were actually real , giving the player some cool knowledge.
    Every bird that eat his food, poop some key item to the main quest, think the main key item for this quest could be avacado, i aways have find interesting how the avacado looks like, a thick layer of protection revesting a hard heart inside, i dont know, didnt thought about that part too much
    Hope you guys like it

  74. Vlad says:

    I know that these are not exactly what you’re looking for, but I think that they are pretty brilliant
    – a vampire hunting kit
    – a mortsafe
    – taxidermied animals
    – egyptian decorations (victorian people were very fascinated by the ancient egypt)
    extra ideas:
    – a carpet perfectly nailed to the floor on all sides with something beneath it…
    – a monolith, like in 2001:A Space Odyssey
    – “” or “”

  75. Aldrich says:

    Maybe have a blue cube maybe have a mechanic to go back in time and is the story about 1 the origin of mr owl 2 the history of the cubes 3 the history of the lake 4 the origin of the elixir oflife and death PS can you please give me a stamp of approval because im making a book recapping the rusty lake games i wrote in there i do not own the wrights to it so please PSS i love your games! PSSS im nine years old PSSSS i played all the games

  76. Aldrich says:

    On second thought maybe have a map where you can locate and mark the important places and you have to tap on a place to go to that place

  77. Aldrich says:

    Yeah instead of blue cube i pick map

  78. Aldrich says:

    ? to map ? To blue cube

  79. Aldrich says:

    My messenger is medy Ty and facebook medy ty

  80. Aldrich says:

    Ok im in the phillipines pasig city windsor mansion manila 2nd floor 206

  81. Aldrich says:

    Can you come here please

  82. Aldrich says:

    Ok bye PS love your games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Aldrich says:

    I worked hard for my book please come here and approve it

  84. Aldrich says:

    Please Ps im excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Aldrich says:

    Love you guys PS im a boy not a girl

  86. Aldrich says:

    Bye message me

  87. rayan Gharbi says:

    You can pick some puzzle from “The room” games there are very good, the simple “oculare” item can create many news puzzle.

  88. Noa Rokni says:

    maybe a pocket watch, it could tick from the begging of the game to the end, but as you come close to the end the ticking gets faster and louder.

  89. degroote says:

    Bonjour ,
    Je pense à un petit nécessaire a parfum du 18 eme c’est une petite boite transportable d’environ 7 cm. Les nécessaires de poche (ou étuis-nécessaires) recèlent de petits articles : boîte à mouches, brosse à dent, couteau pliant, crayon, cuillère, cure-oreille, entonnoir (servant à mélanger les parfums se trouvant dans les flacons), flacons, gratte-langue, passe-lacet, peigne, pince à épiler, porte-crayon, racloir pour les dents, tablettes pour écrire des messages, inscrire son emploi-du-temps ou s’en servir comme carnet-de-bal. L’intérieur est doublé de velours ou de soie.
    un Etui de couture (dé à coudre , fils aiguilles…)
    un nécessaire d écriture
    Une Tabatière faite dans une Porcelaine (cypraea)
    and sorry but i don’t speack in english and like rusty lake

  90. Lucy says:

    What if, since the games take place some time ago, what if there’s some modern machinery and the puzzle is figuring out how to work with the machine. Also what if we had to use a typing machine to unlock something

    BTW Love your games

  91. Devil says:

    U can use spoon and fork and knife (and more eating things)but not for eating food,for eating person himself or another person. For example reap the eye with fork for use in other parts of the game.and i have more great idea……….the past is never…….??

  92. Eve-Anne says:

    I’m not very aware of what happend on pre-18th but I’ll try to make it old.
    In the middle of the game player finds a map ( by the puzzle that was suggested by Jack ” corresponding toothed wheels” ) so they gather it together but theres no clue on it but an “X” near them and a dot showing their own place. On their way to the X they find a dead crab. They pick it up and continue. When they arrive they dig the spot and find a body. Which the. Player has to surgery it and find items ( like how hpcmpss suggested tho I prefer the mechanical body) so after fixing its parts, somewhere on the chest will be open, a place to put the map in it. Then after placing the map some dots will apear on our map. It can be in any number. Four dots for four cubes is ideal. You may think a robot is too modern for that time, well elixir of live is impossible to exist in any time as well, we are talking about RUSTY LAKE games which I personally except anything at anytime to happen, actually that’s what makes it interesting.
    Also someone said about a piece of glass which shows strange things, what if the players actually will need Mr.Crow or Mr. Owl’s help, something like in RL:H or RL:R so the player can see them through that glass for once and then it will break (like the usual glass breaking happens in cube series which still scares me XD)
    Another thing! What about a journal about cubes? What if one of the vanderbooms like one of james ancestors was on that island for so long and a made a journal. “It can be William Vanderboom trying to find the formula of elixir of life. After years of researching he finds it and also findsout for staying alive he will need people’s sad and happy pasts, so he went to rusty lake and made a lake of memories ( as we seen in CE:mill)”*not part of the game just a background*
    So player will find the journal and tries to make the elixir to fight the plague.
    Actullay the whole purpose of the game is to find the elixir and save themselves but they will die at the end because William destroyed the pages of how to stay alive using memories.
    I know probably it’s too late because you alredy have done half of it but i would like to have a chance to help in this amazing game.
    I wish you the best

  93. Justin Cooper says:

    I think a blunderbuss would fit nicely.

  94. Maia Rustad says:

    The inner machinations of an old 17th century watch would be quite a cool puzzle setting.

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