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We are Rusty Lake:

Creators of the praised Cube Escape series and the premium point-and-click adventures Rusty Lake Hotel and award-winning Rusty Lake: Roots.

Dear visitor,

Welcome to Rusty Lake, a surreal place where anything can happen. We offer you the most mysterious game series you'll ever play.

Why not try out our praised Cube Escape series first? Let the cubes guide you the eerie and atmospheric point-and-click adventures with an "escape room" feeling. Currently we have ten Cube Escape games taking place in the Rusty Lake universe. Cube Escape: Paradox is our latest installment which is combined with a short film! Download them for ten on iOS, Android or play on Desktop.

Next to our Cube Escape series we created three premium adventure games with unique story lines taking place in Rusty Lake as well. Serve deadly dinners to five animal-headed guests in Rusty Lake Hotel, expand the bloodline of the Vanderbooms in our award-winning adventure Rusty Lake: Roots or stop the ten plagues on a small island in Rusty Lake Paradise.

On the right, you can find a list of all our games sorted by release date.

On our game portal you can play our free games but also find other adventure, room escape and puzzle games. We selected games with a fascinating story, ambiance or unique game-play made by more forward-looking developers.

Check out our blog, social media or newsletter for new updates and content.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Rusty Lake!

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  • AwardIndie Prize, Best Narrative Award ‘16
  • AwardTop 10 Google Play Indie Games Contest ‘17
  • AwardPremiere Paradox - A Rusty Lake Film @ LIFF '18
  • Award"Most Inventive" App nomination Google Play Awards ‘18
  • AwardFinalist Google Play Indie Games Contest ‘20

Thanks for your massive support for our Kickstarter success!

Thanks for your massive support for our Kickstarter success!

It was mind-blowing to achieve our goal within 9 hours, but to see your continuous support resulting in 231% funding after 30 days is an incredible experience for everyone involved with the project. Thanks to you guys we can fully focus on finalizing the movie and game in the upcoming months. We will do our best to keep you guys updated with small teasers, behind the scenes and the overall progress. The game is coming together better and better and can’t wait to share more info on this!

A few things for all the backers:

  • We will send out surveys in the next weeks to receive all your info for sending out the rewards.
  • Receiving the info from people who supported us to become part of the game (+ special) or movie credits will be handled first.
  • The rewards: Full version of Cube Escape: Paradox / Original Soundtrack / Exclusive digital wallpaper will be handled as soon as the game comes out. We don’t have an official release date yet, but we expect this to be at end of August or September.
  • Sending out the Paradox merchandise or Movie props can take a bit longer, however we hope to send out the bigger physical stuff already before the release of the game.
  • If you are happen to be at the premiere in Prague at the 11th of August, we also have the opportunity to give you the Physical reward directly. This will also be asked in the survey.

We will keep you updated about this process, please remember we are only two guys handling more than 2000 backers 🙂 If there is some delay in response we are sorry and we will try to get to get back to you asap.

12 responses to “Thanks for your massive support for our Kickstarter success!”

  1. Nocturnal says:

    Support from China ,can’t wait for your new game and movie !

  2. Mr Penguin says:

    Awesome guys! Congratulations on the big project!

  3. Olii-o says:

    So excited! Can’t wait to watch the movie and play the new game! 🙂

  4. Darwin says:

    support from georgia <3 i love to solve your puzzles and cant wait fpr ypur movie .

  5. Omri says:

    Big love from Israel <3
    Love your games, keep making awasome stuff!
    Cant wait to see whats next

  6. Kimia says:

    I also want to say thanks for everything and I love it so much keep coming and I can’t wait to see next!!!!!!
    From Iran

  7. Remmy says:

    As a picky-gamer who craves for games with a good plot, I am in LOVE! With the game, with the plot, with the series! Finished the whole series in just two days! The plot caught me up, can’t help thinking about it! This is by far the best puzzle game for me, and even though I play it several times I catch some details. It’s an amazing experience for me trying to puzzle the whole story with the characters! Literally can’t wait for the new games and the movie, oof!
    I’m speechless, and thankful for the amazing game! PLEASE keep up the good work, we will always support you guys!
    Looots of love from TURKEY!! ♥♥♥♥

  8. AveryC says:

    Greetings from China!
    My friends and I are huge fans of your Rusty Lake and Cube Escape series! We are so excited about your new game and MOVIE!!! We were physically screaming when we saw the news. And we really really hope we can fly to Prague to see the premier but unfortunately it is impossible as our school starts at that time.
    The following comes from my friend: “Can’t wait to explore the new games and the character relationships! Wanna fly to Prague to see the movie lol.”
    Lots and lots of love for everyone who worked hard on this incredible game and project ❤️

  9. Ra says:

    Nice game and enjoyed the gameplay, keep making games like this one

  10. Geneva says:

    I just started playing these games two weeks ago and they are magical. I missed the kickstarter though! Start a patreon so we can just funnel you money! Love your art.

  11. AK says:

    Been a fan since I played the first game “The lake” 3 years ago. It’s games like yours which brings out the surreal and fantastical environment and approach to Video games worldwide. Love the Karma and Rebirth cycle of your games, not to mention the awesome puzzles and the art like graphics which makes a person delve in the very being of his/her existence.
    Thank You and Congratulations.
    A Guy from India

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