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Welcome to Rusty Lake, a surreal place where anything can happen. We offer you the most mysterious game series you'll ever play.

Why not try out our praised Cube Escape series first? Let the cubes guide you the eerie and atmospheric point-and-click adventures with an "escape room" feeling. Currently we have ten Cube Escape games taking place in the Rusty Lake universe. Cube Escape: Paradox is our latest installment which is combined with a short film! Download them for ten on iOS, Android or play on Desktop.

Next to our Cube Escape series we created three premium adventure games with unique story lines taking place in Rusty Lake as well. Serve deadly dinners to five animal-headed guests in Rusty Lake Hotel, expand the bloodline of the Vanderbooms in our award-winning adventure Rusty Lake: Roots or stop the ten plagues on a small island in Rusty Lake Paradise.

On the right, you can find a list of all our games sorted by release date.

On our game portal you can play our free games but also find other adventure, room escape and puzzle games. We selected games with a fascinating story, ambiance or unique game-play made by more forward-looking developers.

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  • AwardIndie Prize, Best Narrative Award ‘16
  • AwardTop 10 Google Play Indie Games Contest ‘17
  • AwardPremiere Paradox - A Rusty Lake Film @ LIFF '18
  • Award"Most Inventive" App nomination Google Play Awards ‘18
  • AwardFinalist Google Play Indie Games Contest ‘20

The Past Within – Teaser Trailer

The Past Within – Teaser Trailer

We are very excited to share with you the official teaser trailer for The Past Within!

Wishlist The Past Within now on Steam!


Are you ready to unlock The Past Within? Teaming up with a friend, travel through both past and future to piece together the mysteries surrounding Albert Vanderboom. Communicate what you see around you to help one another solve various puzzles and explore the worlds from different perspectives!

The Past Within is an upcoming multiplayer point-and-click adventure taking place in the Rusty Lake universe. Next to PC & Mac, the game is also coming to iOS, Android and hopefully console! More info: Press page.


We have been working on this project for more than a year overcoming a lot of challenges, creating our first Rusty Lake game set (partly) in a 3D environment using Unity and mixing this with multiplayer gameplay. We still have a long way to go before we can communicate a release date, but we hope to keep you excited on our social media, our blog and Steam on the development progress of the game.

Steam Midweek Madness Sale:

Together with this big announcement and the 5 year anniversary of our first premium game released on Steam, Rusty Lake: Hotel, we’d like to celebrate alongside all of you with a 50% discount on all of our Steam games! Thank you for all your love and support, we wouldn’t be here without all of you wishlisting, reviewing and sharing your enthusiasm for our games on Steam!

Thank you all for your support, stay safe and greetings from The Lake!

Special thanks and credits Teaser Trailer:

Director / Cinematographers: Junior Hoyng and Niklaas Hoyng (
Editing: Julia Popova (
Music and sounddesign: Victor Butzelaar (

40 responses to “The Past Within – Teaser Trailer”

  1. Georgia Rigby says:

    The trailer gave me goosebumps. I wonder what it’ll be like next. I’m intrigued to see!!

  2. Shannon says:

    I am so excited! We love Rusty!!!!

  3. M says:

    I’m so glad it’ll be multiplayer, that sounds super fun! We played Tik Tok on steam which was a similar multiplayer game and it was great, I just wanted more. The fact that I’ll get one from Rusty Lake which is one of my favourite game series of all time makes me so excited.

  4. Chinatsu says:

    So exiting!

  5. Mr.Wang says:

    More than a year ago, Rusty Lake has announced that there will be a 3D game, but after you guys reliesed the White Door and Samsara Room, I’ve thought that you are giving up this project. But now it’s back!!! I’m sure Rusty Lake will give us a wonderful experience through the new work?! I love Rusty Lake!!!

  6. iliad heydarzadeh says:

    so we finally meet our new trailer!
    I can’t wait you guys!

  7. Paige2306 says:

    Having the entire Rusty Lake in your Library is amazing! I can wait!!!

  8. Tom says:

    You little ripper!

  9. Naki says:

    芜湖~we are waiting for your new games for a long time,and love the Rusty Lake universe forever!

  10. primary*** says:

    I’m so excited that it’s hard to wait!

  11. goldfish says:

    I already wanna give five stars to the game before playing it cuz I know its gonna be amazing.

  12. Hannah says:

    This game looks amazing and I’m so excited to play! But I am wondering… will there be the option to play single player? I just really enjoy the peaceful feeling of playing through your games at my own pace on my own schedule. It’s not something I associate with a group activity.

  13. Laurens van Mastrigt says:

    Is it possible to play the game single? Kan je de game ook in je eentje spelen?

  14. lily says:


  15. samantha says:

    great now I have to drag my friends into this madness of s series

  16. Morgan says:

    Wonderful news! So excited to see what you’ve achieved!

  17. Miep says:

    Cant wait! Erg mooie en unieke avonturen spel! Great work! Love it!

  18. Kay says:

    I’m looking forward to the new game. I,too,wish to know whether a single player option will be available please ?

  19. Benjamin says:

    Yes!!! Live action Albert? That is great! Cant wait!

  20. Monkey says:

    I really love how you’re branching out from your usual gaming methods, just like you did with The White Door. I generally prefer the one-player version, but this will give me an opportunity to introduce my friends to the Rusty Lake universe that I love! 🙂 Thanks for all your efforts; I’ve already put this on my Steam wishlist, and I cant wait to play it! <3

  21. Icy says:

    So excited!!!

  22. God says:

    Hiiiiiii guyyyyys
    I love uuuuuuu
    I cant say anything
    Ur best

  23. God says:

    Hiiiiiii guyyyyys
    I love uuuuuuu
    I cant say anything
    Ur the best

  24. San says:

    O plis give us now come on

  25. Shauna Tate says:

    Please please please say you’re releasing it for mobile on android!

  26. Brei says:

    omg! if this comes out on the nintendo switch I am for sure getting it!

  27. me says:

    OMG!!!!OH OH OOOOOOOH!!!!!

  28. Bondx says:

    i can’t wait to play it!!!
    i think my friend will like it,either?

  29. ALE says:

    I can’t wait!!!
    Thank Youuuu in 3D

  30. Henry O says:

    Rusty Lake is a jewel I found, I love the game, the story, and the characters. I am super excited for this new game, even more so if it is a 3D multiplayer!!
    Hope you guys good luck while preparing for such a big release! Woohoo!

  31. Hatty says:

    The trailer looks so great! I can’t wait to play the new game with my friend!

  32. Sandra says:

    Pero queréis sacar el juego ya? Que estoy mirando todos los días vuestra web porque me muero de ganas de jugar.?? Por favooooooor.! 🙁

  33. Jimin says:

    I can’t wait this game!! love so much your games.
    profound story.

  34. alion says:

    need more game guys. i love you!

  35. Jennifer says:

    Please tell me we can play this in single mode and on mobile Android. Please ?

  36. oleg says:

    wow lets gooo

  37. Abby P says:

    i’ve been waiting for a new game after buying all the others!! my favorite games in the world

  38. Alex says:

    Waiting for You Guys!!!!

  39. AmberLynn says:

    I’m so excited, I just need to find someone who I can play with. Or I’ll be forcing my fiance to be my partner.

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