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Why not try out our praised Cube Escape series first? Let the cubes guide you the eerie and atmospheric point-and-click adventures with an "escape room" feeling. Currently we have ten Cube Escape games taking place in the Rusty Lake universe. Cube Escape: Paradox is our latest installment which is combined with a short film! Download them for ten on iOS, Android or play on Desktop.

Next to our Cube Escape series we created three premium adventure games with unique story lines taking place in Rusty Lake as well. Serve deadly dinners to five animal-headed guests in Rusty Lake Hotel, expand the bloodline of the Vanderbooms in our award-winning adventure Rusty Lake: Roots or stop the ten plagues on a small island in Rusty Lake Paradise.

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  • AwardIndie Prize, Best Narrative Award ‘16
  • AwardTop 10 Google Play Indie Games Contest ‘17
  • AwardPremiere Paradox - A Rusty Lake Film @ LIFF '18
  • Award"Most Inventive" App nomination Google Play Awards ‘18
  • AwardFinalist Google Play Indie Games Contest ‘20

Milo and the Magpies – Out Now ?

Milo and the Magpies – Out Now ?


Milo and the Magpies is a new point-and-click, hidden object game hand-painted and animated by artist Johan Scherft and published by Second Maze. The game follows the story of an adorable little cat named Milo, who is trying to find his way home after getting turned around by an unfortunate encounter with some pesky magpies.

Can you guide Milo back home? ?

Download now:

? Steam:
? Itchio:

A big thank you to Johan Scherft for allowing us the honour of publishing his very first game; it’s mind-blowing to see how much work he has put into this very special project.

Along the way, quite a few brilliant minds helped Johan on his journey: Victor Butzelaar who infused atmosphere into every chapter with his wonderful music, Jeroen Wimmers who worked his code magic behind the scenes, Barthel Brussee who was kind enough to offer invaluable help with animations, Bob Rafferty & Sara Hill both of whom did some incredible voiceover work, Studio Popova who designed the amazing logo and last but not least a huge thank you all our awesome translators and testers! ?

And don’t forget to make Milo happy by leaving a review after playing the game! ?
Thanks for your support and greetings from The Lake! ?

10 responses to “Milo and the Magpies – Out Now ?”

  1. Monkey says:

    I just bought it on Steam! I can’t wait to play it!

  2. Marunde says:


  3. Mr. Claudius says:

    Will the soundtrack also be published?

  4. Ari says:

    When will this be available to play on iPhone?

  5. Egg says:

    Ahhhhhhh! I wish it was available in play store 🙁 no computer.

  6. Colleen LB Mathis says:

    I downloaded Steam and bought the game but Steam doesn’t work. I haven’t been able to play ?. I ‘ll try Itchio

  7. Heksenkind says:

    As a fan of the Rusty Lake games, I aspected something with a similar puzzle level. It’s far from that, it’s way easier. But the graphics are cool.

  8. shade says:

    I tink that Milo and the Magpies was one of the more delightful short games I ever saw!
    I am a ‘hard’puzzle fan, though I had to think to solve some of the puzzles in Milo.
    Then, there is so much wonderful artwork in every single environment… and there is a lot of humor and as much poetry in it! I may sound childish, by I was honestly moved by the breathtaking ending.
    A real masterpiece, thank you Johan Sherft for this amazing game. I had rather buy it on Itch’io so to add a donation to its unrightly low price.
    And a big thanks to Rusty Lake for promoting it!

  9. Maria Mance says:

    =( is this game desktop only? Will you ever release a mobile version? I’d love to play this on the go as an app. Something small and delightful for my commutes =)

  10. Stefan Burnett says:

    I have just found out about you thanks to Joeseppi’s video
    Beautiful game with well-thought puzzles and fascinating aesthetics
    It’s a shame your games are not as popular (yet!)

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