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Next to our Cube Escape series we created three premium adventure games with unique story lines taking place in Rusty Lake as well. Serve deadly dinners to five animal-headed guests in Rusty Lake Hotel, expand the bloodline of the Vanderbooms in our award-winning adventure Rusty Lake: Roots or stop the ten plagues on a small island in Rusty Lake Paradise.

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  • AwardIndie Prize, Best Narrative Award ‘16
  • AwardTop 10 Google Play Indie Games Contest ‘17
  • AwardPremiere Paradox - A Rusty Lake Film @ LIFF '18
  • Award"Most Inventive" App nomination Google Play Awards ‘18
  • AwardFinalist Google Play Indie Games Contest ‘20

Behind the scenes Paradox [Night Shoot]

Behind the scenes Paradox [Night Shoot]

Thanks for watching the Paradox movie all! We kept the following behind the scenes photo’s from you, since we didn’t want to spoil anything.

The night shoot was our first time on a movie-set and we had such an awesome experience. When we arrived, a cold morning back in February, everyone was busying around. Luckily the producers Martin and Steve from The LAB had some time to guide us around through the beautiful pine forest. We saw director Sean van Leijenhorst rehearsing with David Bowles, the amazing actor playing Dale Vandermeer (when we saw David’s first casting video we knew that he was the right person to translate our game character to big screen). We saw Cédric Larvoire, director of photography, and his crew preparing all the right lenses for the first take. Jennifer, art-director on set, was busy putting all the right things in the frame and Iveta Du, make-up artist, preparing our Laura Vanderboom, played by the talented Elena Kejvalová who had to stand in the cold with a dress. Lukasz and David preparing the special effects shots, Gaffer Colin putting all the electricity up, Ivana prepping all the food (sushi) and then we had 3 guys working with a 100+ meter tube for all the fog. And then we had to move quickly to the van, to dress-up, we also had a role to play.

And then we didn’t even talked about all the scenes we had to shoot. The most iconic and memorable is of course the converstation with Mr. Crow, but the most difficult one was where we Dale escaped through the door. Any clue how that is done ? ?

At 3 AM we were finally done and while we were lucky that the weather stayed perfect during the shoot. It started to snow!

Feel free to leave a review on our IMDB page. This will support the whole movie crew.

Ps. This will be part of two more behind the scenes photo series and we will conclude with an awesome making-of video!

Awesome photo credits by Gabriel Matula!

15 responses to “Behind the scenes Paradox [Night Shoot]”

  1. Davi Alfredo says:

    Great work guys! 🙂

  2. Fiona says:

    Love you?

  3. Rida Batool says:

    i am in love with sound of this game’s name…and evrything about it….really interesting….literally…great work!

  4. Florence heritage says:

    Amazing! Thank you so so much. I spent 30 seconds talking to my neighbour about your games and she told me 2 hours later she’s hooked and downloaded them all! You guys could do so so much with this from tv shows, movies, a real live escape games!!! Rusty lake rides! Board games and I would be one of the first to try them all out! Please never stop making the rusty lake series. Thank you from Flo, Wales, UK xxxx

  5. Ali Esfandiari says:

    Selling any props from the movie? I’d love to get my hands on that painting 🙂

  6. Arody says:

    I really love your game and your vedio.(I watching the vedio after finishing chapter 2?) The vedio is very nice and the most valuable is that it really reduct the game!Rusty Lake is Rusty Lake!Love you all!

  7. Chloe says:

    I Love your games.. can you tell me when you are releasing more? Please make a sequel to rusty lake: roots. I would pay $50 for it! X

  8. Zhang yelin says:

    Everything is so gereat!!!
    The background music(I like them most?),the actors and actresses,the workers……your efforts made this movie and game a great surccess!
    What I want to tell you guys is that there are a host of supports in China,we are all lookibg forward to enjoy your new games!And thank you for giving me such an exciting experience!?

  9. Andriana says:

    Beautiful film. I absolutely enjoyed it. Brought all my deepest (darkest) Rusty Lake fantasies to life!

  10. Murino says:

    Looking forward to seeing your new video !

  11. HyunSoo Na says:

    Really Impressive…!! Nice Work!!

  12. HyunSoo Na says:

    Really Impressive…!! Nice Work!! 🙂

  13. Jirka says:

    Hi. The forest scene looks like in Kokorinsko district. Isn’t it?

    Great game anyway. Thanks a lot.

  14. Daniel says:

    I love you ?

  15. Dzeni says:

    Love you all. Esp dale.

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